Discussion Panel on UHMWPE Samples

uhmwpe samples panel discussion

The 8th ICPC Program will include a panel discussion with world experts in polymer characterization. Attendees are invited to learn about the challenges associated with UHMWPE characterization.

The session will try to provide answers to questions such as the ones below. Questions form the audience will be received prior to the discussion. If you would like to send a question to be addressed in the panel, please send it here.  

1. UHMWPE often contains a portion of polymer chains having a very high MW. Currently using cumulative distribution from GPC has been one of the common methods. Is this cumulative distribution good enough?

2. Could even larger pore size of SEC column be commercially available in near future? 

3. What about using diffusion related NMR techniques?

4. Would rheology techniques be capable of providing alternative MWD distribution?

5. Would field flow fractionation equipped with MALS be alternative robust approach as a routine analysis? How to deal with the possible of polymer doublelet formation during the cross flow?

6. What about using 2 dimensional separation chromatographic techniques? How does UHMW PE chains behave in crystallization/melting? Could thermal fractionation on interface be alternative?

The list of panelists will be published soon. 


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