1st ICPC: Houston 2006

ICPC 2006 Conference was the first edition of the International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization, and was held on October 16-18 in Houston, TX, USA.

112 attendees from 18 countries attended to this edition, both from the industry and from academic institutes and universities.

Technical Program consisted of 31 oral presentations and 29 poster presentations, covering the
following areas on polyolefin characterization:

· Polyolefin Separation and Fractionation

 · Thermal Analysis

  •  · Rheology and Structure
  •  · Spectroscopy, infrared, NMR, X-Ray
  •  · High Throughput characterization techniques, fast molecular weight and chemical composition analysis.

Technical Program ICPC 2006 (.PDF, 440Kb)
Posters List ICPC 2006 (.PDF, 406Kb)

A one day Short Course was organized on October 15 about Polyolefin Characterization techniques, with some of the leading edge researchers in this field as teachers.

Short Course Program ICPC 2006 (.PDF, 227Kb)

The conference Technical Committee was represented by its founders:

  • Dr. Colin Li Pi Shan. The DOW Chemical Company, USA
  • Dr. Benjamín Monrabal. Polymer Char, Spain
  • Prof. João Soares. University of Waterloo, Canada

1st ICPC was supported by most of the key-players in Petrochemicals and Instrumentation-
Manufacturing Industry, such as:




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