2nd ICPC: Valencia 2008

Second edition of ICPC Conference was held in Valencia (Spain) on September 15-17 and more than 120 attendees were received in Valencia from 24 countries throughout the world.

Abstracts submission requests increased significantly and finally 35 oral presentations and 38 poster presentations fit in the technical program of the conference, to keep the same length than in 1st ICPC edition in 2 days and a half to discuss the most innovative techniques and latest research in the field of the polyolefin characterization in the following areas:

  • · Separation-Fractionation.
  • · Molecular Structure and Properties.
  • · Morphology- Thermal Analysis.
  • · Rheology.
  • · Spectroscopy.

Technical Program ICPC 2008 (.PDF, 543Kb)
Posters List ICPC 2008 (.PDF, 551Kb)

Being a clear representation of Mediterranean style, Valencia was chosen also for its undeniable dynamic character, as well as being an internationally recognized symbol for Science, the city hosting the world well-known Science and Arts City.
Click here to watch a brief Video of Valencia.

A one-day Short Course in Polyolefin Characterization was held also on September 14, 2008.

Short Course Program ICPC 2008 (.PDF, 422Kb)
Professor Minoru Terano from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology joint the
Technical Committee in 2008, being this composed in 2008 by:

  • Dr. Colin Li Pi Shan. The DOW Chemical Company, U.S.A .
  • Dr. Benjamín Monrabal. Polymer Char, Spain.
  • Prof. João Soares. University of Waterloo, Canada.
  • Prof. Minoru Terano. JAIST, Japan.

ICPC 2008 was supported by prestigious Petrochemicals firms, R&D Institutes or Instrumentation
Manufacturers, such as:

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