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The 5th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization was supported by:


The Dow Chemical Company
The Dow Chemical Company is a world-leading supplier of plastic resins and materials science innovations, offering customers one of the industry’s largest selections of products and technologies, via a strong global network of local experts dedicated to meeting customers’ specific needs. Dow Plastics Portfolio includes a broad range of polyethylene, polypropylene, specialty materials and performance elastomers resins, among others. Dow offers a wealth of product and technology solutions, providing customers with an opportunity for potential differentiation, growth and successes in existing and emerging markets around the world.
ExxonMobil Chemical
ExxonMobil is a premier petrochemical company and a partner of choice with world-class facilities around the globe. With a relentless focus on state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions, we are committed to our customers and partners worldwide.
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) ranks among the world’s top petrochemical companies. The company is among the world’s market leaders in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene and other advanced thermoplastics, glycols, methanol and fertilizers. In 2013 SABIC recorded a net profit US$ 6.7 billion. SABIC’s businesses are grouped into Chemicals, Polymers, Performance Chemicals, Fertilizers, Metals and Innovative Plastics. SABIC has significant research resources with 19 dedicated Technology & Innovation facilities in Saudi Arabia, the USA, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, India, China and South Korea. The company operates in more than 40 countries across the world with around 40,000 employees worldwide. SABIC manufactures on a global scale in Saudi Arabia, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.  
Polymer Char
Polymer Char is the leading company in Polyolefin Characterization. Having always been fully-dedicated to Polyolefin Characterization, it has managed to create the broadest and most modern range of instruments and services in its field. Outstanding for its solutions in Molar Mass Distribution – GPC/SEC (GPC-IR, GPC One), Chemical Composition Distribution (CRYSTAF, TREF, CEF, and TGIC), Bivariate Distribution (CFC and SGIC 2D), Soluble Fraction measurement (CRYSTEX QC and CRYSTEX), Preparative Fractionation (PREP C20 and PREP mc2), and its integrated Infrared Detectors (IR4, IR5 MCT). With installations in over 20 countries, Polymer Char has clearly become the leader in research, engineering, software and service in Polyolefin Analysis. Having worked with the most advanced laboratories in the world for 18 years has made this possible. Today, in the area of Polyolefin Analysis, you can rely on our technical quality, large experience and overall Customer commitment.
Wyatt Technology
DAWN family of Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) instruments for absolute macromolecular characterization determine absolute molecular weights, sizes, and branching of polymers following separation. DynaPro dynamic light scattering (DLS) instruments including DynaPro NanoStar and Plate Reader for automated size determination of nanoparticles. Eclipse Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) combined with MALS separates nanoparticles, polymers and other macromolecules. The Möbius (mobility and zeta-potential) for measurements of particles and macromolecules.
PSS, Polymer Standards Service
PSS is One of the World’s Leading Companies offering Supplies and Services for Comprehensive Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules PSS Polymer Standards Service is known as the specialist for polymer characterization and synthesis. Major products are columns, reference standards and software for size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC). PSS offers dedicated systems including viscosity and light scattering detectors. Also analytical services are provided. PSS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. A creative team of chemists with extensive knowledge and practical experience in synthesis, characterization and properties of natural and synthetic polymers is able to find answers and solutions for all of your questions about polymers. Outstanding quality and service is our reputation.
Tosoh Bioscience
Tosoh Bioscience is a leading manufacturer in the field of liquid chromatography. The portfolio of over 500 specialty products encompasses instruments for size exclusion/gel permeation chromatography (SEC/GPC) and a comprehensive line of media and pre-packed (U)HPLC columns for all common modes of liquid chromatography. TSKgel® columns are renowned for their quality and reliability. The EcoSEC GPC instrument was developed for fast polymer analysis. Time and solvent can be saved when the system is coupled with our extensive line of highly efficient, semi-micro TSKgel columns. The new EcoSEC HT instrument was developed for high temperature GPC analysis. This all-in-one GPC/SEC system, provides stable thermostatization up to 220° C. Autoinjector, pumps, and a dual-flow RI detector are integrated in a compact design.
Agilent Technologies
Agilent manufactures and distributes a complete line of instrumentation serving the clinical, analytical, biotech, environmental, pharmaceutical, forensic science, food and flavor, academia, and all other laboratory markets that have needs for the best in quality, performance, and serviceability in the instruments they purchase.
Malvern Instruments
Malvern Instruments is a global company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced analytical systems used in characterizing a wide variety of materials, from bulk powders to the latest nanomaterials and organic or synthetic polymers. Innovative technologies and powerful software produce systems that deliver industrially relevant data enabling customers to make the connection between micro (eg particle size and molecular weight) and macro (bulk ), material properties (rotational and capillary rheology) and chemical composition (chemical imaging and DLS combined with Raman spectroscopy). Malvern laboratories have developed relationships and partnerships with academic laboratories specialised in polyolefins where we can subcontract measurement of polymers at high temperature.   Headquartered in Malvern, UK, the company has subsidiary organizations in North America, China, Korea and Japan, and all major European markets, as IESMAT in Spain equipped with most of Malvern equipment like chromatography systems (GPC/SEC, LALS, and SEC MALS detectors) in their applications laboratory. 
Research Partner
DPI, Dutch Polymer Institute
The Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) was established in 1997 as a public-private partnership to perform pre-competitive research into polymers and their application, linking scientific knowledge to the industrial need for innovation. This results in added value for universities in scientific publications and for companies in intellectual property rights and the possibilities to execute new activities.
Fraunhofer LBF
Fraunhofer LBF is specialized in polymer analytics, looking back to almost two decades of emphasis on polyolefin characterization. LBF’s unique method portfolio assists in material and product development along the whole chain of value creation, from the raw material to the final product. On the molecular side, this includes a range of fractionation techniques like multidimensional liquid chromatography (2D-HTLC) and field flow fractionation (HT-AF4) at high temperatures coupled with various detectors as well as spectroscopic techniques. LBF also offers outstanding capability to assist in compound development, stabilizer selection, and durability analysis being at the forefront of method development in Infrared- and Raman-microscopy.               
Media Partner
LCGC Group
The LCGC Group spans across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Our editorial content across print and electronic products covers all key growth segments including food analysis, bioanalysis, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, and petroleum and biofuels research.
Petroindustry News
Publisher and information provider of products and services for monitoring, testing and analysis in the petroleum and related industries. 
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